Coexistence and Spectrum Sharing Above 100 GHz

by   Michele Polese, et al.

[...] This paper explores how spectrum policy and spectrum technologies can evolve to enable sharing among different stakeholders in the above 100 GHz spectrum, without introducing harmful interference or disrupting either security applications or fundamental science exploration. This portion of the spectrum presents new opportunities to design spectrum sharing schemes, based on novel antenna designs, directional ultra-high-rate communications, and active/passive user coordination. The paper provides a tutorial on current regulations above 100 GHz, and highlights how sharing is central to allowing each stakeholder to make the most out of this spectrum. It then defines - through detailed simulations based on standard International Telecommunications Union (ITU) channel and antenna models - scenarios in which active users may introduce harmful interference to passive sensing. Based on this evaluation, it reviews a number of promising techniques that can enable active/passive sharing above 100 GHz. The critical review and tutorial on policy and technologies of this paper have the potential to kickstart future research and regulations that promote safe coexistence between active and passive users above 100 GHz, further benefiting the development of digital technologies and scientific exploration.



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