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Coercive functions from a topological viewpoint and properties of minimizing sets of convex functions appearing in image restoration

by   René Ciak, et al.

Many tasks in image processing can be tackled by modeling an appropriate data fidelity term Φ: R^n →R∪{+∞} and then solve one of the regularized minimization problems &(P_1,τ) argmin_x ∈ R^n{Φ(x) s.t. Ψ(x) ≤τ} &(P_2,λ) argmin_x ∈ R^n{Φ(x) + λΨ(x) }, λ > 0 with some function Ψ: R^n →R∪{+∞} and a good choice of the parameter(s). Two tasks arise naturally here: & 1. Study the solver sets SOL(P_1,τ) and SOL(P_2,λ) of the minimization problems. & 2. Ensure that the minimization problems have solutions. This thesis provides contributions to both tasks: Regarding the first task for a more special setting we prove that there are intervals (0,c) and (0,d) such that the setvalued curves τ& SOL(P_1,τ), τ∈ (0,c) λ& SOL(P_2,λ), λ∈ (0,d) are the same, besides an order reversing parameter change g: (0,c) → (0,d). Moreover we show that the solver sets are changing all the time while τ runs from 0 to c and λ runs from d to 0. In the presence of lower semicontinuity the second task is done if we have additionally coercivity. We regard lower semicontinuity and coercivity from a topological point of view and develop a new technique for proving lower semicontinuity plus coercivity. Dropping any lower semicontinuity assumption we also prove a theorem on the coercivity of a sum of functions.


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