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Clustering of variables for enhanced interpretability of predictive models

by   Evelyne Vigneau, et al.

A new strategy is proposed for building easy to interpret predictive models in the context of a high-dimensional dataset, with a large number of highly correlated explanatory variables. The strategy is based on a first step of variables clustering using the CLustering of Variables around Latent Variables (CLV) method. The exploration of the hierarchical clustering dendrogram is undertaken in order to sequentially select the explanatory variables in a group-wise fashion. For model setting implementation, the dendrogram is used as the base-learner in an L2-boosting procedure. The proposed approach, named lmCLV, is illustrated on the basis of a toy-simulated example when the clusters and predictive equation are already known, and on a real case study dealing with the authentication of orange juices based on 1H-NMR spectroscopic analysis. In both illustrative examples, this procedure was shown to have similar predictive efficiency to other methods, with additional interpretability capacity. It is available in the R package ClustVarLV.


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