Cloud Computing and Content Management Systems: A Case Study in Macedonian Education

by   Jove Jankulovski, et al.

Technologies have become inseparable of our lives, economy, and the society as a whole. For example, clouds provide numerous computing resources that can facilitate our lives, whereas the Content Management Systems (CMSs) can provide the right content for the right user. Thus, education must embrace these emerging technologies in order to prepare citizens for the 21st century. The research explored 'if' and 'how' Cloud Computing influences the application of CMSs, and 'if' and 'how' it fosters the usage of mobile technologies to access cloud resources. The analyses revealed that some of the respondents have sound experience in using clouds and in using CMSs. Nevertheless, it was evident that significant number of respondents have limited or no experience in cloud computing concepts, cloud security and CMSs, as well. Institutions of the system should update educational policies in order to enable education innovation, provide means and support, and continuously update/upgrade educational infrastructure.



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