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Closed-Form Coverage Probability for Downlink Poisson Network with Double Shadowed Fading

by   Jingrui Chen, et al.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
NetEase, Inc

Performances of cellular networks over κ-μ shadowed fading with long-term shadowing has been studied in the existing literature. However, the impact of κ-μ shadowed fading with instantaneous shadowing on performances of cellular networks is unknown. Therefore, this letter analyzes the downlink coverage probability of a Poisson network with double shadowed fading which is composed of a large-scale fading of lognormal distribution and κ-μ shadowed fading with integer fading parameters. The closest base station association rule without shadowing is considered. For analytical tractability, the double shadowed fading is approximated as a weighted sum of κ-μ shadowed distributions based on the Gaussian-Hermit quadrature. As a main theoretical result, a closed-form expression for the downlink coverage probability of a Poisson network under double shadowed fading for the desired signal and arbitrary fading for the interfering signals is successfully derived. Numerical simulations reveal that the double shadowed fading provides a pessimistic coverage on a Poisson network compared with the long-term shadowing which is incorporated into cell selection.


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