Clockwork Convnets for Video Semantic Segmentation

by   Evan Shelhamer, et al.

Recent years have seen tremendous progress in still-image segmentation; however the naïve application of these state-of-the-art algorithms to every video frame requires considerable computation and ignores the temporal continuity inherent in video. We propose a video recognition framework that relies on two key observations: 1) while pixels may change rapidly from frame to frame, the semantic content of a scene evolves more slowly, and 2) execution can be viewed as an aspect of architecture, yielding purpose-fit computation schedules for networks. We define a novel family of "clockwork" convnets driven by fixed or adaptive clock signals that schedule the processing of different layers at different update rates according to their semantic stability. We design a pipeline schedule to reduce latency for real-time recognition and a fixed-rate schedule to reduce overall computation. Finally, we extend clockwork scheduling to adaptive video processing by incorporating data-driven clocks that can be tuned on unlabeled video. The accuracy and efficiency of clockwork convnets are evaluated on the Youtube-Objects, NYUD, and Cityscapes video datasets.



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Clockwork Convnets for Video Semantic Segmenation

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