Client Selection and Bandwidth Allocation for Federated Learning: An Online Optimization Perspective

by   Yun Ji, et al.

Federated learning (FL) can train a global model from clients' local data set, which can make full use of the computing resources of clients and performs more extensive and efficient machine learning on clients with protecting user information requirements. Many existing works have focused on optimizing FL accuracy within the resource constrained in each individual round, however there are few works comprehensively consider the optimization for latency, accuracy and energy consumption over all rounds in wireless federated learning. Inspired by this, in this paper, we investigate FL in wireless network where client selection and bandwidth allocation are two crucial factors which significantly affect the latency, accuracy and energy consumption of clients. We formulate the optimization problem as a mixed-integer problem, which is to minimize the cost of time and accuracy within the long-term energy constrained over all rounds. To address this optimization, we propose the Perround Energy Drift Plus Cost (PEDPC) algorithm in an online perspective, and the performance of the PEDPC algorithm is verified in simulation results in terms of latency, accuracy and energy consumption in IID and NON-IID dat distributions.


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