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Clear the Fog: Combat Value Assessment in Incomplete Information Games with Convolutional Encoder-Decoders

by   Hyungu Kahng, et al.

StarCraft, one of the most popular real-time strategy games, is a compelling environment for artificial intelligence research for both micro-level unit control and macro-level strategic decision making. In this study, we address an eminent problem concerning macro-level decision making, known as the 'fog-of-war', which rises naturally from the fact that information regarding the opponent's state is always provided in the incomplete form. For intelligent agents to play like human players, it is obvious that making accurate predictions of the opponent's status under incomplete information will increase its chance of winning. To reflect this fact, we propose a convolutional encoder-decoder architecture that predicts potential counts and locations of the opponent's units based on only partially visible and noisy information. To evaluate the performance of our proposed method, we train an additional classifier on the encoder-decoder output to predict the game outcome (win or lose). Finally, we designed an agent incorporating the proposed method and conducted simulation games against rule-based agents to demonstrate both effectiveness and practicality. All experiments were conducted on actual game replay data acquired from professional players.


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