Classification of LULC Change Detection using Remotely Sensed Data for Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India

by   Y. Babykalpana, et al.

Maps are used to describe far-off places . It is an aid for navigation and military strategies. Mapping of the lands are important and the mapping work is based on (i). Natural resource management & development (ii). Information technology ,(iii). Environmental development ,(iv). Facility management and (v). e-governance. The Landuse / Landcover system espoused by almost all Organisations and scientists, engineers and remote sensing community who are involved in mapping of earth surface features, is a system which is derived from the united States Geological Survey (USGS) LULC classification system. The application of RS and GIS involves influential of homogeneous zones, drift analysis of land use integration of new area changes or change detection etc.,National Remote Sensing Agency(NRSA) Govt. of India has devised a generalized LULC classification system respect to the Indian conditions based on the various categories of Earth surface features , resolution of available satellite data, capabilities of sensors and present and future applications. The profusion information of the earth surface offered by the high resolution satellite images for remote sensing applications. Using change detection methodologies to extract the target changes in the areas from high resolution images and rapidly updates geodatabase information processing.Traditionally, classification approaches have focused on per-pixel technologies. Pixels within areas assumed to be automatically homogeneous are analyzed independently.


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