CLARQ: A Dynamic ARQ Solution for Ultra-high Closed-loop Reliability

by   Bin Han, et al.

Emerging wireless control applications demand for extremely high closed-loop reliability under strict latency constraints, which the conventional Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) solutions with static schedules fail to provide. To overcome this issue and enable data-link layer error control for ultra reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) services, we propose a novel protocol: the Closed-Loop ARQ (CLARQ), which forces to accomplish an information exchange round within a fixed loop-back latency, and dynamically re-allocates the remaining resource between uplink and downlink slots upon the result of last uplink transmission. The proposed method guarantees to meet the latency requirement, while delivering high communication reliability and power efficiency. It can be efficiently offline optimized by means of dynamic programming techniques, and is capable of real-time deployment with a low-cost implementation based on look-up tables. Numerical evaluations have verified that CLARQ outperforms baselines with significantly improved closed-loop reliability and reduced energy consumption. Especially, over a Rayleigh channel with 0dB mean SNR, it is able to provide a closed-loop error rate below 1e-7 within 10ms loop-back latency, which makes our proposal competitive for practical URLLC applications in future 5G-and-beyond networks.


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