CLARA: Clinical Report Auto-completion

by   Siddharth Biswal, et al.

Generating clinical reports from raw recordings such as X-rays and electroencephalogram (EEG) is an essential and routine task for doctors. However, it is often time-consuming to write accurate and detailed reports. Most existing methods try to generate the whole reports from the raw input with limited success because 1) generated reports often contain errors that need manual review and correction, 2) it does not save time when doctors want to write additional information into the report, and 3) the generated reports are not customized based on individual doctors' preference. We propose CLinic Al Report Auto-completion (CLARA), an interactive method that generates reports in a sentence by sentence fashion based on doctors' anchor words and partially completed sentences. CLARA searches for most relevant sentences from existing reports as the template for the current report. The retrieved sentences are sequentially modified by combining with the input feature representations to create the final report. In our experimental evaluation, CLARA achieved 0.393 CIDEr and 0.248 BLEU-4 on X-ray reports and 0.482 CIDEr and 0.491 BLEU-4 for EEG reports for sentence-level generation, which is up to 35 evaluation, CLARA is shown to produce reports which have a significantly higher level of approval by doctors in a user study (3.74 out of 5 for CLARA vs 2.52 out of 5 for the baseline).


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