Citation personal display: A case study of personal websites by physicists in 11 well-known universities

02/26/2017 ∙ by Xingchen Li, et al. ∙ 0

This paper aims to investigate the extent to which researchers display citation, and wants to examine whether there are researcher differences in citation personal display at the level of university, country, and academic rank. Physicists in 11 well-known universities in USA, Britain, and China were chosen as the object of study. It was manually identified if physicists had mentioned citation counts, citation-based indices, or a link to Google Scholar Citations (GSC) on the personal websites. A chi-square test is constructed to test researcher differences in citation personal display. Results showed that the overall proportion of citation personal display is not high (14.8 129 of 870 physicists displaying citation. And physicists from different well-known universities indeed had a significant difference in citation personal display. Moreover, at the national level, it was noticed that physicists in well-known Chinese universities had the highest level of citation personal display, followed by Britain and the USA. Further, this study also found that researchers who had the academic rank of professor had the highest citation personal display. In addition, the differences in h-index personal display by university, country or academic rank were analyzed, and the results showed that they were not statistically significant.



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