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CISRNet: Compressed Image Super-Resolution Network

by   Agus Gunawan, et al.

In recent years, tons of research has been conducted on Single Image Super-Resolution (SISR). However, to the best of our knowledge, few of these studies are mainly focused on compressed images. A problem such as complicated compression artifacts hinders the advance of this study in spite of its high practical values. To tackle this problem, we proposed CISRNet; a network that employs a two-stage coarse-to-fine learning framework that is mainly optimized for Compressed Image Super-Resolution Problem. Specifically, CISRNet consists of two main subnetworks; the coarse and refinement network, where recursive and residual learning is employed within these two networks respectively. Extensive experiments show that with a careful design choice, CISRNet performs favorably against competing Single-Image Super-Resolution methods in the Compressed Image Super-Resolution tasks.


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