Cinnamons: A Computation Model Underlying Control Network Programming

10/17/2017 ∙ by Kostadin Kratchanov, et al. ∙ 0

We give the easily recognizable name "cinnamon" and "cinnamon programming" to a new computation model intended to form a theoretical foundation for Control Network Programming (CNP). CNP has established itself as a programming paradigm combining declarative and imperative features, built-in search engine, powerful tools for search control that allow easy, intuitive, visual development of heuristic, nondeterministic, and randomized solutions. We define rigorously the syntax and semantics of the new model of computation, at the same time trying to keep clear the intuition behind and to include enough examples. The purposely simplified theoretical model is then compared to both WHILE-programs (thus demonstrating its Turing-completeness), and the "real" CNP. Finally, future research possibilities are mentioned that would eventually extend the cinnamon programming into the directions of nondeterminism, randomness, and fuzziness.



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