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CIC: Contrastive Intrinsic Control for Unsupervised Skill Discovery

We introduce Contrastive Intrinsic Control (CIC), an algorithm for unsupervised skill discovery that maximizes the mutual information between skills and state transitions. In contrast to most prior approaches, CIC uses a decomposition of the mutual information that explicitly incentivizes diverse behaviors by maximizing state entropy. We derive a novel lower bound estimate for the mutual information which combines a particle estimator for state entropy to generate diverse behaviors and contrastive learning to distill these behaviors into distinct skills. We evaluate our algorithm on the Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning Benchmark, which consists of a long reward-free pre-training phase followed by a short adaptation phase to downstream tasks with extrinsic rewards. We find that CIC substantially improves over prior unsupervised skill discovery methods and outperforms the next leading overall exploration algorithm in terms of downstream task performance.


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CIC: Contrastive Intrinsic Control for Unsupervised Skill Discovery

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