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Characterizing the Spectrum of the NTK via a Power Series Expansion

by   Michael Murray, et al.

Under mild conditions on the network initialization we derive a power series expansion for the Neural Tangent Kernel (NTK) of arbitrarily deep feedforward networks in the infinite width limit. We provide expressions for the coefficients of this power series which depend on both the Hermite coefficients of the activation function as well as the depth of the network. We observe faster decay of the Hermite coefficients leads to faster decay in the NTK coefficients. Using this series, first we relate the effective rank of the NTK to the effective rank of the input-data Gram. Second, for data drawn uniformly on the sphere we derive an explicit formula for the eigenvalues of the NTK, which shows faster decay in the NTK coefficients implies a faster decay in its spectrum. From this we recover existing results on eigenvalue asymptotics for ReLU networks and comment on how the activation function influences the RKHS. Finally, for generic data and activation functions with sufficiently fast Hermite coefficient decay, we derive an asymptotic upper bound on the spectrum of the NTK.


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