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Change-point detection using spectral PCA for multivariate time series

by   Shuhao Jiao, et al.

We propose a two-stage approach Spec PC-CP to identify change points in multivariate time series. In the first stage, we obtain a low-dimensional summary of the high-dimensional time series by Spectral Principal Component Analysis (Spec-PCA). In the second stage, we apply cumulative sum-type test on the Spectral PCA component using a binary segmentation algorithm. Compared with existing approaches, the proposed method is able to capture the lead-lag relationship in time series. Our simulations demonstrate that the Spec PC-CP method performs significantly better than competing methods for detecting change points in high-dimensional time series. The results on epileptic seizure EEG data and stock data also indicate that our new method can efficiently detect change points corresponding to the onset of the underlying events.


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