Challenges of Applying E-Learning in the Libyan Higher Education System

by   Entisar Alhadi Al Ghawail, et al.

The adoption of ICT in classrooms is very important in order to improve education quality, promote effective management of knowledge, and improve delivery of knowledge in higher education. Some of the Libyan universities have already started using E-learning in classrooms, but many challenges are still hindering that adoption. This paper endeavors to find the obstacles that may face the adoption of E-learning in Libya and sketches out the possible solutions. Further, it highlights the potentials for the adoption of E-learning in the higher education system in Libya using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Both questioner and interview have been used on a focused group to collect the data. Teachers and students at Al Asmarya Islamic University have been selected as a sample for this study. This paper reveals that the challenges hindering teachers and students from using ICT and E-learning are: the lack of knowledge about ICT and E-learning, the lack of ICT infrastructure, and the lack of financial support. However, the participants show a high level of interest in applying the ICT and E-learning in the university despite the unsuitability of the environment.


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