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Certifying Emptiness of Timed Büchi Automata

by   Simon Wimmer, et al.
Technische Universität München

Model checkers for timed automata are widely used to verify safety-critical, real-time systems. State-of-the-art tools achieve scalability by intricate abstractions. We aim at further increasing the trust in their verification results, in particular for checking liveness properties. To this end, we develop an approach for extracting certificates for the emptiness of timed Büchi automata from model checking runs. These certificates can be double-checked by a certifier that we formally verify in Isabelle/HOL. We study liveness certificates in an abstract setting and show that our approach is sound and complete. To also demonstrate its feasibility, we extract certificates for several models checked by TChecker and Imitator, and validate them with our verified certifier.


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