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CDST: A Toolkit for Testing Cockpit Display Systems of Avionics

by   Hassan Sartaj, et al.

Avionics are highly critical systems that require extensive testing governed by international safety standards. Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) are an essential component of modern aircraft cockpits and display information from the user application using various widgets. A significant step in the testing of avionics is to evaluate whether these CDS are displaying the correct information. A common industrial practice is to manually test the information on these CDS by taking the aircraft into different scenarios during the simulation. Given the large number of scenarios to test, manual testing of such behavior is a laborious activity. In this paper, we present a CDST toolkit that automates the testing of Cockpit Display Systems (CDS). We discuss the workflow and architecture of the tool and also demonstrates the tool on an industrial case study. The results show that the tool is able to generate, execute, and evaluate the test cases and identify 3 bugs in the case study.


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