CCT5: A Code-Change-Oriented Pre-Trained Model

by   Bo Lin, et al.

Software is constantly changing, requiring developers to perform several derived tasks in a timely manner, such as writing a description for the intention of the code change, or identifying the defect-prone code changes. Considering that the cost of dealing with these tasks can account for a large proportion (typically around 70 percent) of the total development expenditure, automating such processes will significantly lighten the burdens of developers. To achieve such a target, existing approaches mainly rely on training deep learning models from scratch or fine-tuning existing pretrained models on such tasks, both of which have weaknesses. Specifically, the former uses comparatively small-scale labelled data for training, making it difficult to learn and exploit the domain knowledge of programming language hidden in the large-amount unlabelled code in the wild; the latter is hard to fully leverage the learned knowledge of the pre-trained model, as existing pre-trained models are designed to encode a single code snippet rather than a code change (i.e., the difference between two code snippets). We propose to pre-train a model specially designed for code changes to better support developers in software maintenance. To this end, we first collect a large-scale dataset containing 1.5M+ pairwise data of code changes and commit messages. Based on these data, we curate five different tasks for pre-training, which equip the model with diverse domain knowledge about code changes. We fine-tune the pre-trained model, CCT5, on three widely-studied tasks incurred by code changes and two tasks specific to the code review process. Results show that CCT5 outperforms both conventional deep learning approaches and existing pre-trained models on these tasks.


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