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CC-Fuzz: Genetic algorithm-based fuzzing for stress testing congestion control algorithms

by   Devdeep Ray, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University

Congestion control research has experienced a significant increase in interest in the past few years, with many purpose-built algorithms being designed with the needs of specific applications in mind. These algorithms undergo limited testing before being deployed on the Internet, where they interact with other congestion control algorithms and run across a variety of network conditions. This often results in unforeseen performance issues in the wild due to algorithmic inadequacies or implementation bugs, and these issues are often hard to identify since packet traces are not available. In this paper, we present CC-Fuzz, an automated congestion control testing framework that uses a genetic search algorithm in order to stress test congestion control algorithms by generating adversarial network traces and traffic patterns. Initial results using this approach are promising - CC-Fuzz automatically found a bug in BBR that causes it to stall permanently, and is able to automatically discover the well-known low-rate TCP attack, among other things.


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