CASIA-Face-Africa: A Large-scale African Face Image Database

by   Jawad Muhammad, et al.

Face recognition is a popular and well-studied area with wide applications in our society. However, racial bias had been proven to be inherent in most State Of The Art (SOTA) face recognition systems. Many investigative studies on face recognition algorithms have reported higher false positive rates of African subjects cohorts than the other cohorts. Lack of large-scale African face image databases in public domain is one of the main restrictions in studying the racial bias problem of face recognition. To this end, we collect a face image database namely CASIA-Face-Africa which contains 38,546 images of 1,183 African subjects. Multi-spectral cameras are utilized to capture the face images under various illumination settings. Demographic attributes and facial expressions of the subjects are also carefully recorded. For landmark detection, each face image in the database is manually labeled with 68 facial keypoints. A group of evaluation protocols are constructed according to different applications, tasks, partitions and scenarios. The performances of SOTA face recognition algorithms without re-training are reported as baselines. The proposed database along with its face landmark annotations, evaluation protocols and preliminary results form a good benchmark to study the essential aspects of face biometrics for African subjects, especially face image preprocessing, face feature analysis and matching, facial expression recognition, sex/age estimation, ethnic classification, face image generation, etc. The database can be downloaded from our


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