CarGameAR: An Integrated AR Car Game Authoring Interface for Custom-Built Car Programed on Arduino Board

by   Dang Bui, et al.

In this paper, we present CarGameAR: An Integrated AR Car Game Authoring Interface for Custom-Built Car Programed on Arduino Board. The car consists of an Arduino board, an H-bridge, and motors. The objective of the project is to create a system that can move a car in different directions using a computer application. The system uses Unity software to create a virtual environment where the user can control the car using keyboard commands. The car's motion is achieved by sending signals from the computer to the Arduino board, which then drives the motors through the H-bridge. The project provides a cost-effective and efficient way to build a car, which can be used for educational purposes, such as teaching programming. Moreover, this project is not limited to the control of the car through keyboard commands in a virtual environment. The system can be adapted to support augmented reality (AR) technology, providing an even more immersive and engaging user experience. By integrating the car with AR, the user can control the car's motion using physical gestures and movements, adding an extra layer of interactivity to the system. This makes the car an ideal platform for game development in AR, allowing the user to create driving games that blend the physical and virtual worlds seamlessly. Additionally, the car's affordability and ease of construction make it an accessible and valuable tool for teaching programming and principles in a fun and interactive way. Overall, this project demonstrates the versatility and potential of the car system, highlighting the various applications and possibilities it offers for both education and entertainment.


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