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Capturing Logarithmic Space and Polynomial Time on Chordal Claw-Free Graphs

by   Berit Grußien, et al.
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

We show that the class of chordal claw-free graphs admits LREC=-definable canonization. LREC= is a logic that extends first-order logic with counting by an operator that allows it to formalize a limited form of recursion. This operator can be evaluated in logarithmic space. It follows that there exists a logarithmic-space canonization algorithm, and therefore a logarithmic-space isomorphism test, for the class of chordal claw-free graphs. As a further consequence, LREC= captures logarithmic space on this graph class. Since LREC= is contained in fixed-point logic with counting, we also obtain that fixed-point logic with counting captures polynomial time on the class of chordal claw-free graphs.


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