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Can NMT Understand Me? Towards Perturbation-based Evaluation of NMT Models for Code Generation

by   Pietro Liguori, et al.
UNC Charlotte
University of Naples Federico II

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has reached a level of maturity to be recognized as the premier method for the translation between different languages and aroused interest in different research areas, including software engineering. A key step to validate the robustness of the NMT models consists in evaluating the performance of the models on adversarial inputs, i.e., inputs obtained from the original ones by adding small amounts of perturbation. However, when dealing with the specific task of the code generation (i.e., the generation of code starting from a description in natural language), it has not yet been defined an approach to validate the robustness of the NMT models. In this work, we address the problem by identifying a set of perturbations and metrics tailored for the robustness assessment of such models. We present a preliminary experimental evaluation, showing what type of perturbations affect the model the most and deriving useful insights for future directions.


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