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Can female fertility management mobile apps be sustainable and contribute to female health care? Harnessing the power of patient generated data ; Analysis of the organizations

by   Maki Miyamoto, et al.

In recent years, personal health technologies have emerged that allow patients to collect a wide range of health-related data outside the clinic. These patient-generated data (PGD) reflect patients everyday behaviors including physical activity, mood, diet, sleep, and symptoms. However, major players and academics alike, have ignored the case where these patients or normal people are women. Is analyzed the eHealth segment of female fertility planning mobile apps (in US called: period trackers) and its possible extensions to other female health care mobile services. The market potential is very large although age segmentation applies. These apps help women record and plan their menstruation cycles, their fertility periods, and ease with relevant personalized advice all the uncomfort. As an illustration, the case of a European app service supplier is described in depth. The services of ten worldwide suppliers are compared in terms of functionality, adoption, organization, financial and business aspects. The research question: Can female fertility management mobile apps be sustainable and contribute to female health care, is researched by a combination of academic literature study, testing of 7 essential hypotheses, and a limited user driven experimental demand analysis. Quality and impact metrics from a user point of view are proposed. The conclusion is a moderate yes to the research question, with several conditions. Further research and innovative ideas, as well as marketing and strategic directions are provided, incl. associations with male fertility apps.


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