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Calculation reduction method for color computer-generated hologram using color space conversion

by   Tomoyoshi Shimobaba, et al.

We report a calculation reduction method for color computer-generated holograms (CGHs) using color space conversion. Color CGHs are generally calculated on RGB space. In this paper, we calculate color CGHs in other color spaces: for example, YCbCr color space. In YCbCr color space, a RGB image is converted to the luminance component (Y), blue-difference chroma (Cb) and red-difference chroma (Cr) components. In terms of the human eye, although the negligible difference of the luminance component is well-recognized, the difference of the other components is not. In this method, the luminance component is normal sampled and the chroma components are down-sampled. The down-sampling allows us to accelerate the calculation of the color CGHs. We compute diffraction calculations from the components, and then we convert the diffracted results in YCbCr color space to RGB color space.


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