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Cache Me If You Can: Accuracy-Aware Inference Engine for Differentially Private Data Exploration

by   Miti Mazmudar, et al.

Differential privacy (DP) allows data analysts to query databases that contain users' sensitive information while providing a quantifiable privacy guarantee to users. Recent interactive DP systems such as APEx provide accuracy guarantees over the query responses, but fail to support a large number of queries with a limited total privacy budget, as they process incoming queries independently from past queries. We present an interactive, accuracy-aware DP query engine, CacheDP, which utilizes a differentially private cache of past responses, to answer the current workload at a lower privacy budget, while meeting strict accuracy guarantees. We integrate complex DP mechanisms with our structured cache, through novel cache-aware DP cost optimization. Our thorough evaluation illustrates that CacheDP can accurately answer various workload sequences, while lowering the privacy loss as compared to related work.


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