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C11Tester: A Race Detector for C/C++ Atomics Technical Report

by   Weiyu Luo, et al.

Writing correct concurrent code that uses atomics under the C/C++ memory model is extremely difficult. We present C11Tester, a race detector for the C/C++ memory model that can explore executions in a larger fragment of the C/C++ memory model than previous race detector tools. Relative to previous work, C11Tester's larger fragment includes behaviors that are exhibited by ARM processors. C11Tester uses a new constraint-based algorithm to implement modification order that is optimized to allow C11Tester to make decisions in terms of application-visible behaviors. We evaluate C11Tester on several benchmark applications, and compare C11Tester's performance to both tsan11rec, the state of the art tool that controls scheduling for C/C++; and tsan11, the state of the art tool that does not control scheduling.


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