Burning Geometric Graphs

by   Arya Tanmay Gupta, et al.

A procedure called graph burning was introduced to facilitate the modelling of spread of an alarm, a social contagion, or a social influence or emotion on graphs and networks. Graph burning runs on discrete time-steps (or rounds). At each step t, first (a) an unburned vertex is burned (as a fire source) from "outside", and then (b) the fire spreads to vertices adjacent to the vertices which are burned till step t-1. This process stops after all the vertices of G have been burned. The aim is to burn all the vertices in a given graph in minimum time-steps. The least number of time-steps required to burn a graph is called its burning number. The less the burning number is, the faster a graph can be burned. Burning a general graph optimally is an NP-Complete problem. It has been proved that optimal burning of path forests, spider graphs, and trees with maximum degree three is NP-Complete. We study the graph burning problem on several sub-classes of geometric graphs. We show that burning interval graphs (Section 7.1, Theorem 7.1), permutation graphs (Section 7.2, Theorem 7.2) and disk graphs (Section 7.3, Theorem 7.3) optimally is NP-Complete. In addition, we opine that optimal burning of general graphs (Section 9.2, Conjecture 9.1) cannot be approximated better than 3-approximation factor.


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