Building Resilient Information Systems for Child Nutrition in Post-conflict Sri Lanka during COVID-19 Pandemic

by   Pamod Amarakoon, et al.

Post-conflict, low-resource settings are menaced with challenges related to low-resources, economic and social instability. The objective of the study is to understand the socio-technical determinants of resilience of resilience of routine information systems a backdrop of an implementation of a mobile-based nutrition information system in a post-conflict district in Sri Lanka. The longitudinal events in the study spans across several years into the period of COVID-19 pandemic and tries to understand the process of developing resilience of in a vulnerable district. The qualitative study deploys interviews, observations and document analysis for collection of empirical data. The case study reveals the long-standing capacity building, leadership and local governance, multisector collaboration, platform resilience and empowering of field health staff contribute in building resilience in everyday context. The empirical insights include the mechanisms in building resilience in routine system in low resource settings while promoting data quality and data use at field level.



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