Building Bridges: Generative Artworks to Explore AI Ethics

by   Ramya Srinivasan, et al.

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on understanding and mitigating adverse impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on society. Across academia, industry, and government bodies, a variety of endeavours are being pursued towards enhancing AI ethics. A significant challenge in the design of ethical AI systems is that there are multiple stakeholders in the AI pipeline, each with their own set of constraints and interests. These different perspectives are often not understood, due in part to communication gaps.For example, AI researchers who design and develop AI models are not necessarily aware of the instability induced in consumers' lives by the compounded effects of AI decisions. Educating different stakeholders about their roles and responsibilities in the broader context becomes necessary. In this position paper, we outline some potential ways in which generative artworks can play this role by serving as accessible and powerful educational tools for surfacing different perspectives. We hope to spark interdisciplinary discussions about computational creativity broadly as a tool for enhancing AI ethics.



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