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Building an ID Card Repository with Progressive Web Application to Mitigate Fraud

by   Kevin Akbar Adhiguna, et al.

A lot of service requires identity of users to mitigate undesirable incidents such as fraud. To cut down probability of potential fraud, ID Card of users are collected to be verified so people can verify users whenever an undesirable activity happens. However, to verify identity through an ID card, a repository for the ID Card is required. To verify ID cards, the ID Card repository will be connected to an automated ID Card Verification API. The ID Card repository is meant to be used both on mobile phones and desktop computers, so the concept of progressive web application is used. To be able to upload images smoothly and build progressive web application, the ID Card repository is built using ReactJS and Ant Design. Server side is powered by Strapi and MongoDB. GraphQL API is utilized to connect client side and server side. It involves queries to fetch data. To fetch data on the client side, Apollo client is used to in ReactJS. Git is utilized for version control system which gives contribution to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. In this paper, we will discuss why Strapi is best suited on server side and how Ant Design, a library to style components in a web page, can provide required components in this web application.


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