Building an Entrepreneurship Data Warehouse

11/19/2017 ∙ by Yngve Dahle, et al. ∙ 0

The main principle of the Lean Startup movement is that static business planning should be replaced by a dynamic development, where products, services, business model elements, business objectives and activities are frequently changed based on constant customer feedback. Our ambition is to empirically measure if such changes of the business idea, the business model elements, the project management and close interaction with customers really increases the success rate of entrepreneurs, and in what way. Our first paper, Does Lean Startup really work? - Foundation for an empirical study presented the first attempt to model the relations we want to measure. This paper will focus on how to build and set up a test harness (from now on called the Entrepreneurship Platform or EP) to gather empirical data from Companies and how to store these data together with demographical and financial data from the PROFF-portal in the Entrepreneurial Data Warehouse (from now called the EDW). We will end the paper by discussing the potential methodological problems with our method, before we document a test run of our set-up to verify that we are actually able to populate the Data Warehouse with time series data



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