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Bridging the Gap Between Monaural Speech Enhancement and Recognition with Distortion-Independent Acoustic Modeling

by   Peidong Wang, et al.
The Ohio State University

Monaural speech enhancement has made dramatic advances since the introduction of deep learning a few years ago. Although enhanced speech has been demonstrated to have better intelligibility and quality for human listeners, feeding it directly to automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems trained with noisy speech has not produced expected improvements in ASR performance. The lack of an enhancement benefit on recognition, or the gap between monaural speech enhancement and recognition, is often attributed to speech distortions introduced in the enhancement process. In this study, we analyze the distortion problem, compare different acoustic models, and investigate a distortion-independent training scheme for monaural speech recognition. Experimental results suggest that distortion-independent acoustic modeling is able to overcome the distortion problem. Such an acoustic model can also work with speech enhancement models different from the one used during training. Moreover, the models investigated in this paper outperform the previous best system on the CHiME-2 corpus.


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