Breathing deformation model – application to multi-resolution abdominal MRI

by   Chompunuch Sarasaen, et al.

Dynamic MRI is a technique of acquiring a series of images continuously to follow the physiological changes over time. However, such fast imaging results in low resolution images. In this work, abdominal deformation model computed from dynamic low resolution images have been applied to high resolution image, acquired previously, to generate dynamic high resolution MRI. Dynamic low resolution images were simulated into different breathing phases (inhale and exhale). Then, the image registration between breathing time points was performed using the B-spline SyN deformable model and using cross-correlation as a similarity metric. The deformation model between different breathing phases were estimated from highly undersampled data. This deformation model was then applied to the high resolution images to obtain high resolution images of different breathing phases. The results indicated that the deformation model could be computed from relatively very low resolution images.


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