Brain Performance Analysis based on an Electroencephalogram Headset

by   Iuliana Marin, et al.

Deficit of attention, anxiety, sleep disorders are some of the problems which affect many persons. As these issues can evolve into severe conditions, more factors should be taken into consideration. The paper proposes a conception which aims to help students to enhance their brain performance. An electrocephalogram headset is used to trigger the brainwaves, along with a web application which manages the input data which comes from the headset and from the user. Factors like current activity, mood, focus, stress, relaxation, engagement, excitement and interest are provided in numerical format through the use of the headset. The users offer information about their activities related to relaxation, listening to music, watching a movie, and studying. Based on the analysis, it was found that the users consider the application easy to use. As the users are more equilibrated emotionally, their results are improved. This allowed the persons to be more confident on themselves. In the case of students, the neurofeedback can be studied for the better sport and artistic performances, including the case of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Aptitudes for a subject can be determined based on the relevant generated brainwaves. The learning environment is an important factor during the analysis of the results. Teachers, professors, students and parents can collaborate and, based on the gathered data, new teaching methods can be adopted in the classroom and at home. The proposed solution can guide the students while studying, as well as the persons who wish to be more productive while solving their tasks.


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