Brain Electrical Stimulation for Animal Navigation

12/01/2018 ∙ by Amirmasoud Ahmadi, et al. ∙ 0

The brain stimulation and its widespread use is one of the most important subjects in studies of neurophysiology. In brain electrical stimulation methods, following the surgery and electrode implantation, electrodes send electrical impulses to the specific targets in the brain. The use of this stimulation method is provided therapeutic benefits for treatment chronic pain, essential tremor, Parkinsons disease, major depression, and neurological movement disorder syndrome (dystonia). One area in which advancements have been recently made is in controlling the movement and navigation of animals in a specific pathway. It is important to identify brain targets in order to stimulate appropriate brain regions for all the applications listed above. An animal navigation system based on brain electrical stimulation is used to develop new behavioral models for the aim of creating a platform for interacting with the animal nervous system in the spatial learning task. In the context of animal navigation the electrical stimulation has been used either as creating virtual sensation for movement guidance or virtual reward for movement motivation. In this paper, different approaches and techniques of brain electrical stimulation for this application has been reviewed. Keywords: Rat Robot, Brain Computer Interface, Electrical Stimulation, Cyborg Intelligence, Brain to Brain Interface



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