Box-Aware Feature Enhancement for Single Object Tracking on Point Clouds

by   Chaoda Zheng, et al.

Current 3D single object tracking approaches track the target based on a feature comparison between the target template and the search area. However, due to the common occlusion in LiDAR scans, it is non-trivial to conduct accurate feature comparisons on severe sparse and incomplete shapes. In this work, we exploit the ground truth bounding box given in the first frame as a strong cue to enhance the feature description of the target object, enabling a more accurate feature comparison in a simple yet effective way. In particular, we first propose the BoxCloud, an informative and robust representation, to depict an object using the point-to-box relation. We further design an efficient box-aware feature fusion module, which leverages the aforementioned BoxCloud for reliable feature matching and embedding. Integrating the proposed general components into an existing model P2B, we construct a superior box-aware tracker (BAT). Experiments confirm that our proposed BAT outperforms the previous state-of-the-art by a large margin on both KITTI and NuScenes benchmarks, achieving a 12.8  20


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