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Bounds on the Effective-length of Optimal Codes for Interference Channel with Feedback

by   Mohsen Heidari, et al.
University of Michigan

In this paper, we investigate the necessity of finite blocklength codes in distributed transmission of independent message sets over channels with feedback. Previously, it was shown that finite effective length codes are necessary in distributed transmission and compression of sources. We provide two examples of three user interference channels with feedback where codes with asymptotically large effective lengths are sub-optimal. As a result, we conclude that coded transmission using finite effective length codes is necessary to achieve optimality. We argue that the sub-optimal performance of large effective length codes is due to their inefficiency in preserving the correlation between the inputs to the distributed terminals in the communication system. This correlation is made available by the presence of feedback at the terminals and is used as a means for coordination between the terminals when using finite effective length coding strategies.


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