Bounds for Multiple Packing and List-Decoding Error Exponents

07/12/2021 ∙ by Yihan Zhang, et al. ∙ 0

We revisit the problem of high-dimensional multiple packing in Euclidean space. Multiple packing is a natural generalization of sphere packing and is defined as follows. Let N>0 and L∈ℤ_≥2. A multiple packing is a set 𝒞 of points in ℝ^n such that any point in ℝ^n lies in the intersection of at most L-1 balls of radius √(nN) around points in 𝒞. We study the multiple packing problem for both bounded point sets whose points have norm at most √(nP) for some constant P>0 and unbounded point sets whose points are allowed to be anywhere in ℝ^n. Given a well-known connection with coding theory, multiple packings can be viewed as the Euclidean analog of list-decodable codes, which are well-studied for finite fields. In this paper, we derive various bounds on the largest possible density of a multiple packing in both bounded and unbounded settings. A related notion called average-radius multiple packing is also studied. Some of our lower bounds exactly pin down the asymptotics of certain ensembles of average-radius list-decodable codes, e.g., (expurgated) Gaussian codes and (expurgated) Poisson Point Processes. To this end, we apply tools from high-dimensional geometry and large deviation theory. Some of our lower bounds on the optimal multiple packing density are the best known lower bounds. These bounds are obtained via a proxy known as error exponent. The latter quantity is the best exponent of the probability of list-decoding error when the code is corrupted by a Gaussian noise. We establish a curious inequality which relates the error exponent, a quantity of average-case nature, to the list-decoding radius, a quantity of worst-case nature. We derive various bounds on the error exponent in both bounded and unbounded settings which are of independent interest beyond multiple packing.



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