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Borrow from Anywhere: Pseudo Multi-modal Object Detection in Thermal Imagery

by   Chaitanya Devaguptapu, et al.
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Can we improve detection in the thermal domain by borrowing features from rich domains like visual RGB? In this paper, we propose a pseudo-multimodal object detector trained on natural image domain data to help improve the performance of object detection in thermal images. We assume access to a large-scale dataset in the visual RGB domain and relatively smaller dataset (in terms of instances) in the thermal domain, as is common today. We propose the use of well-known image-to-image translation frameworks to generate pseudo-RGB equivalents of a given thermal image and then use a multi-modal architecture for object detection in the thermal image. We show that our framework outperforms existing benchmarks without the explicit need for paired training examples from the two domains. We also show that our framework has the ability to learn with less data from thermal domain when using our approach.


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