Border-SegGCN: Improving Semantic Segmentation by Refining the Border Outline using Graph Convolutional Network

by   Naina Dhingra, et al.

We present Border-SegGCN, a novel architecture to improve semantic segmentation by refining the border outline using graph convolutional networks (GCN). The semantic segmentation network such as Unet or DeepLabV3+ is used as a base network to have pre-segmented output. This output is converted into a graphical structure and fed into the GCN to improve the border pixel prediction of the pre-segmented output. We explored and studied the factors such as border thickness, number of edges for a node, and the number of features to be fed into the GCN by performing experiments. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the Border-SegGCN on the CamVid and Carla dataset, achieving a test set performance of 81.96 reported state of the art mIoU achieved on CamVid dataset by 0.404



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