Bonsai - Diverse and Shallow Trees for Extreme Multi-label Classification

by   Sujay Khandagale, et al.

Extreme multi-label classification refers to supervised multi-label learning involving hundreds of thousand or even millions of labels. In this paper, we develop a shallow tree-based algorithm, called Bonsai, which promotes diversity of the label space and easily scales to millions of labels. Bonsai relaxes the two main constraints of the recently proposed tree-based algorithm, Parabel, which partitions labels at each tree node into exactly two child nodes, and imposes label balanced-ness between these nodes. Instead, Bonsai encourages diversity in the partitioning process by (i) allowing a much larger fan-out at each node, and (ii) maintaining the diversity of the label set further by enabling potentially imbalanced partitioning. By allowing such flexibility, it achieves the best of both worlds - fast training of tree-based methods, and prediction accuracy better than Parabel, and at par with one-vs-rest methods. As a result, Bonsai outperforms state-of-the-art one-vs-rest methods such as DiSMEC in terms of prediction accuracy, while being orders of magnitude faster to train. The code for is available at



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