Blockchain Security by Design Framework for Trust and Adoption in IoT Environment

by   Gohar Sargsyan, et al.

With the recent advances of IoT (Internet of Things) new and more robust security frameworks are needed to detect and mitigate new forms of cyber-attacks, which exploit complex and heterogeneity IoT networks, as well as, the existence of many vulnerabilities in IoT devices. With the rise of blockchain technologies service providers pay considerable attention to better understand and adopt blockchain technologies in order to have better secure and trusted systems for own organisations and their customers. The present paper introduces a high level guide for the senior officials and decision makers in the organisations and technology managers for blockchain security framework by design principle for trust and adoption in IoT environments. The paper discusses Cyber-Trust project blockchain technology development as a representative case study for offered security framework. Security and privacy by design approach is introduced as an important consideration in setting up the framework.



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