Blockchain Methods for Trusted Avionics Systems

by   Erik Blasch, et al.

Blockchain is a popular method to ensure security for trusted systems. The benefits include an auditable method to provide decentralized security without a trusted third party, but the drawback is the large computational resources needed to process and store the ever-expanding chain of security blocks. The promise of blockchain for edge devices (e.g., internet of things) poses a variety of challenges and strategies before adoption. In this paper, we explore blockchain methods and examples, with experimental data to determine the merits of the capabilities. As for an aerospace example, we address a notional example for Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) from Flight24 data ( to determine whether blockchain is feasible for avionics systems. The methods are incorporated into the Lightweight Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Public Safety (LISPS) framework. By decoupling a complex system into independent sub-tasks, the LISPS system possesses high flexibility in the design process and online maintenance. The Blockchain-enabled decentralized avionics services provide a secured data sharing and access control mechanism. The experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of the approach.


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