Blockchain for Trust and Reputation Management in Cyber-physical Systems

by   Guntur Dharma Putra, et al.

The salient features of blockchain, such as decentralisation and transparency, have allowed the development of Decentralised Trust and Reputation Management Systems (DTRMS), which mainly aim to quantitatively assess the trustworthiness of the network participants and help to protect the network from adversaries. In the literature, proposals of DTRMS have been applied to various Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) applications, including supply chains, smart cities and distributed energy trading. In this chapter, we outline the building blocks of a generic DTRMS and discuss how it can benefit from blockchain. To highlight the significance of DTRMS, we present the state-of-the-art of DTRMS in various field of CPS applications. In addition, we also outline challenges and future directions in developing DTRMS for CPS.


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