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Blockchain-Based Decentralized Knowledge Marketplace Using Active Inference

by   Shashank Joshi, et al.

A knowledge market can be described as a type of market where there is a consistent supply of data to satisfy the demand for information and is responsible for the mapping of potential problem solvers with the entities which need these solutions. It is possible to define them as value-exchange systems in which the dynamic features of the creation and exchange of intellectual assets serve as the fundamental drivers of the frequency, nature, and outcomes of interactions among various stakeholders. Furthermore, the provision of financial backing for research is an essential component in the process of developing a knowledge market that is capable of enduring over time, and it is also an essential driver of the progression of scientific investigation. This paper underlines flaws associated with the conventional knowledge-based market, including but not limited to excessive financing concentration, ineffective information exchange, a lack of security, mapping of entities, etc. The authors present a decentralized framework for the knowledge marketplace incorporating technologies such as blockchain, active inference, zero-knowledge proof, etc. The proposed decentralized framework provides not only an efficient mapping mechanism to map entities in the marketplace but also a more secure and controlled way to share knowledge and services among various stakeholders.


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