Blockchain-assisted Undisclosed IIoT Vulnerabilities Trusted Sharing Protection with Dynamic Token

by   Jingyu Feng, et al.

With the large-scale deployment of industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices, the number of vulnerabilities that threaten IIoT security is also growing dramatically, including a mass of undisclosed IIoT vulnerabilities that lack mitigation measures. Coordination Vulnerabilities Disclosure (CVD) is one of the most popular vulnerabilities sharing solutions, in which some security workers (SWs) can develop undisclosed vulnerabilities patches together. However, CVD assumes that sharing participants (SWs) are all honest, and thus offering chances for dishonest SWs to leak undisclosed IIoT vulnerabilities. To combat such threats, we propose an Undisclosed IIoT Vulnerabilities Trusted Sharing Protection (UIV-TSP) scheme with dynamic token. In this article, a dynamic token is an implicit access credential for an SW to acquire an undisclosed vulnerability information, which is only held by the system and constantly updated as the SW access. Meanwhile, the latest updated token can be stealthily sneaked into the acquired information as the traceability token. Once the undisclosed vulnerability information leaves the SW host, the embedded self-destruct program will be automatically triggered to prevent leaks since the destination MAC address in the traceability token has changed. To quickly distinguish dishonest SWs, trust mechanism is adopted to evaluate the trust value of SWs. Moreover, we design a blockchain-assisted continuous logs storage method to achieve the tamper-proofing of dynamic token and the transparency of undisclosed IIoT vulnerabilities sharing. The simulation results indicate that our proposed scheme is resilient to suppress dishonest SWs and protect the IoT undisclosed vulnerabilities effectively.



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